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Type By Hand Workshops BRISBANE and MELBOURNE workshops on sale now!

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BRISBANE  |  Friday 12th June 2015 :: 10am–5pm


With Wayne Thompson

Hosted by CATC Design School and Billy Blue College of Design
90 Bowen Terrace
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

No, not drawing on naked bodies... This workshop is is all about removing the fancy pens and inks, and stripping it back to nothing but pencil and paper. It's all about getting back to basics, and learning pure technique. The day will be filled with intensive pencil-on-paper exercises and demonstrations designed to get your head around the basics of sketching letters. We will cover key principles such as proportion, rhythm, visual balance, creating ligatures, fitting words and phrases together, alternate letterforms, flourishes and a whole lot more. As well, we will spend an extended period of time examining and recreating styles such as:
• Classical script
• Casual script
• Brush script
• Signpainter Script
• Blackletter

In the afternoon session, you will get the chance to create your very own handlettered example under the personal guidance of your tutor Wayne. And we'll do it all using the most basic tools possible: simple pencil and paper.

EQUIPMENT: Paper is supplied, all you need is some graphite pencils, a ruler and a rubber.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This class is designed for participants who have a professional or personal interest in typography, art or design who would like to improve their lettering skills. Beginners welcome, it's all about learning!

COST: $250.00 inc GST

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BRISBANE  |  Saturday 13th June 2015 :: 10am–5pm




With Wayne Thompson and Matt Vergotis

Hosted by Design College Australia
200 Barry Pde, Fortitude Valley
Brisbane QLD

With an emphasis on doing rather than watching, we will introduce you to the world of expressive handlettering. You will start with some theory of humanist construction in type, followed by inspiring examples and discussion. You will then be plunged into a series of drawing exercises designed to improve your understanding of type. The afternoon allows you to create your own unique handlettered piece under the direct instruction of Wayne and Matt.



MELBOURNE  |  Saturday 10th October 2015 :: 10am–5pm

With Wayne Thompson and Brett Piva

Hosted by CATC Design School and Billy Blue College of Design, Melbourne

595 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

In this full-day workshop, participants will learn how to create script lettering in various styles both on paper AND with a signwriter's paintbrush. Participants will learn some of the traditional script lettering techniques of the signpainter trade, and explore a range of lettering styles such as Upright Script, Casual Script and Showcard Script. Through an exploration of the construction techniques in both pencil and brush, participants will achieve a greater understanding of scripts and taste the lost art of expressive sign painting. The morning session introduces participants to the six basic brush strokes which create letters, before working pencil-on-paper to create a sample word. The afternoon session allows participants to paint their finished piece using traditional signwriter's tools, under the guidance of the tutors.

EQUIPMENT: All equipment including paint and brushes is supplied on the day, although you should bring along pencils, rubber and ruler for the drawing sections. Brushes and paint will be available for purchase to take home after the workshop.

COST: $250.00 inc GST

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We can customise single or multiple-day training covering any combination of the following topics:

• Handlettering
• Vectoring
• Type Design
• Getting the most out of Opentype fonts in your Adobe CC workflow

We cater for groups of almost any size, and we will come to your premises.

Contact us if you would like to know more...



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