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Raleigh Paper promotional booklet 
Book of Font 1 Book of Font 2 Book of Font 3 Book of Font 4 Book of Font 5 Book of Font Cover

The Book of Font was first conceived in 2006. As a joint promotional exercise, we approached Raleigh Paper with the idea of producing a typographic piece which stood out from the crowd. 

Paper samples often look the same: high-end photography and minimal design, all trying to shout louder than the others. Our approach was different. We used typography – a discipline rarely allowed free-reign – as a design vehicle for gaining market traction. Raleigh liked the idea and the Book of Font was born.

Now in it's third edition, the Book of Font also acts as a type catalog, but with a difference. Rather than the same boring display of alphabets, we chose instead to show the fonts in real-life usage, often in wild and highly expressive ways.


You can download a PDF copy of this booklet on our Download Catalog page.