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ArumSans ArumSans is an Opentype family of ten complimentary weights. Meticulously planned and designed, ArumSans' Opentype features include small caps, ligatures and fractions. Inspired by modern faces such as Chaparral and Enigma, Arum Sans is a humanist sans-serif family which displays subtle influences of the edged writing tool. Arum Sans is versatile enough to be used for high-end text setting as well as display purposes. A full international glyph set, extended for European use, allows Arum Sans to play on the field with the big boys.
ArumSans ArumSans drawing_1 ArumSans font sample image 1 ArumSans font sample image 2 ArumSans font sample image 3 ArumSans_4 ArumSans_5 Arum Sans_6 ArumSans_7 ArumSans_8 ArumSans_9 ArumSans_10 ArumSans_11